Are you familiar with Facebook Advertising? Did you know, Facebook is actually one of the best platforms to advertise and market your products/services online. There are over 1.8 million Facebook users every month, so there is a large coverage of target audiences. If you’re unfamiliar with facebook ads buy then this article is for you. We have came out with some Facebook Advertising tips for you!

The objectives of your Facebook Ads should be aligned with your goals. What is the outcome that you would like to achieve from the advertisement? Are you trying to generate leads through the ads, or aiming to increase sales? And also, what kind of target audiences do you need? This includes the age, gender, ethnicity, etc.

How about the format for Facebook Ads? There are many ways to advertise your product/service creatively. You can use pictures, videos, slideshows, carousel, dynamic product ads, or lead form ads. It all depends on what you are trying to advertise.

So why are Facebook Ads so effective? It is easy to create brand awareness through Facebook as there is a wide range of users on the platform and your ad will be able to reach out to them. There are three types of Facebook ads: Awareness, Consideration and Conversion ads.

Here are some tips and recommendation from Facebook to help you archive your marketing objectives!

For awareness ads, you will be at the top of the sales funnel, which means your ad will reach out to an even bigger group of people to discover your brand. For consideration ads, it is the top middle of the sales funnel, which gets people to start thinking about your business/product/service and look up information about it. There are different types of Consideration ads.

  1. Helps add traffic to your website
  2. Drives engagement with your company
  3. Generates app installs
  4. Generates views on a video
  5. Acquire new leads
  6. Send people advertisements

As for conversion ads, it encourages people to carry out a specific action or purchase your product/service. It is targeted at the bottom of the sales funnel. The types of conversion ads include:

  1. Driving action on your website
  2. Increasing product sales
  3. Direct foot traffic

Overall, Facebook is a very good platform for one to advertise their products/service, especially if it is a newly set-up business and it aims to make their brand more known to the public. offers a variety of digital marketing services that caters towards your campaign needs, If youre looking for freelance digital marketer in singapore, Click here