Freelancing is still not a popular option till this date as many still consider it as ‘a job with an unstable income’ or a ‘low-paying job’. However, it is not really the case these days as the freelancing community is improving and clients are willing to invest in quality works of these freelancers. So how exactly is the income like for freelancers in Singapore?

The national average monthly income for freelancers is at $1.1K. It is considered to be in the lower range of paid jobs in Singapore. However, your salary does not have to be capped at $1.1K. It can in fact go way higher than that. It ultimately depends on your skills, your portfolio, and ultimately how committed you are. Continue reading to find out some tips to help you increase your freelancing income and selling point!

Tip #1: Determine what you are best at, and commit to a line of freelancing

Some freelancers have several lines they are good at. However, it is best to find the one line that you are best at executing and committing to it. Taking up to many lines of freelancing may cause clients to doubt how good your skills are in a certain line.

Tip #2: Set up a good portfolio and keep it fresh and updated

You can check out our other article about how to set up a good portfolio. Keeping your portfolio updated and fresh helps you stand a higher chance in getting gig offers. Remember to include testimonials to show your credibility.

Tip #3: Actively look for projects

Being able to secure as many projects as you can take would be the optimal way for you to earn much more than most of the other freelancers in Singapore. It also takes time and experience to be one of the more skillful freelancers in the industry and to be recognized and scouted by clients.

Tip #4: Do work and always meet deadlines

Always be responsible about the work that you are assigned or the gigs you are offered. Stay focused on the task and complete it within the deadline. It may be easy to lose focus at times as a freelancer working at home, so always try to keep yourself motivated and on the roll. Submitting work beyond the deadlines may make clients have a bad impression of you and question your professionalism.

Tip #5: Know your worth

When you are offered a gig, make sure to ask how much they will be paying you for it. If you know that your skills are top notch and you can produce top quality work, and they are offering you a low price, its best not to take the offer. Find clients that knows how to value your skills and invest what you deserve in your work. This will help you earn as much as you can.

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