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Last updated: 18th July 2020


In order to make an inclusive and safe environment for all users, Sellers and Buyers, we have created the Community Guidelines to set out the values and principles which we seek to uphold on our Site, and in the services which we provide. Whilst not necessarily tied to any law or statute, these Guidelines help govern the usage of our Site, and the content which is produced on it.

As the world and our community constantly change, so will these guidelines. Do note that the examples as provided in these guidelines are not exhaustive. We encourage all users and the community at large to be responsible in their usage of our Site and our Services, to be respectful in their conduct with other users, and if necessary, report any inappropriate content on our platform, in order to create a safe and conducive environment for all users.


Fair Use of the Site

We encourage all users to use our site as a platform to reach out to sellers and buyers, and not as an avenue to find cheap sellers and undercut our services by reaching out to them outside of our platform. Whilst undoubtedly hard to enforce, we believe in the integrity of Sellers and Buyers to ensure that their use of the Site is appropriate and not in a manner which puts Glance at a disadvantage.


All users are encouraged to uphold integrity in not posting misleading or false information on our platform, whether in the form of their resumes or in job listings posted on our website. Unacceptable behaviour would include (but is not limited to)

  • Falsifying personal information (Photo, Gender, Name etc.)
  • Falsifying information in resume (Educational and Employment history etc.)
  • Posting false information on job listing (Job Scope, Pay etc.)
  • And other misleading content

Honour Code

All users are to uphold the academic standards set out by their institution, and are not to use the site as means to find other people to do their academic works on their behalf.

All users also agree that the Contents that are produced as a result of the work they do through the Site is their own property, and is not plagiarized or copied from other sources.


Please respect the privacy of our users by not contacting them for any other purpose than for those stated in our Terms of Service. Unsolicited messages and spam will not be tolerated on our site.


Hate Speech

Whilst Glance.SG embraces and believes in the importance of freedom of expression of our users, we believe stronger in the importance of maintaining harmony and cohesion, especially in the context of Singapore’s multi-racial and religious culture. Therefore, Glance.SG will not hesitate to respond to and if needed, take down and report any post which may be deemed offensive and disturbing.

The use of our Site shall be governed in accordance to the law of the land, specifically the the Penal Code (Cap. 224) and the Maintenance of Religious Harmony Act (Cap. 167A). We will not hesitate to report any content which violates these statues, or any other Singapore statues, to the relevant authorities.

Discrimination believes that everyone should stand an equal chance at getting job opportunities. As a result, we will not hesitate to remove listings and ban any accounts which make job listings which discriminate job seekers based on age, gender, language spoken, race, religion, and any other demographic markers. Any persons found to make such listings may also be reported to the relevant authorities under the Employment Act (Cap. 91).

Jobs with specific language requirements (translation, interpretation etc.)

Nudity/Sexual Activity will not tolerate job listings or content which include sexual requests and content. Buyers are NOT to list deliverables which ask for Sellers to expose themselves. Any user found in violation of this will be removed and banned from the site. In the case where children are involved in such activities, the uses may also be reported to the relevant authorities. Out-of-context nudity for documentation purposes from indigenous communities, protests, medical procedures, childbirth, artistic performances, breastfeeding or like, will be reviewed on a case-to-case basis.

Intellectual Property

All users are expected to respect the intellectual property of other users. Please refer to our Terms of Service for more information.

Violence & Criminal Behaviour will NOT tolerate any threats of criminal behaviour on our platform. This includes threats against other users, and job listings which incite users to commit criminal behaviour upon others. We will use our sole discretion to remove any content and ban any users who promotes criminal behaviour, and report them to the relevant authorities.

Safety will not tolerate the use of our platform in a manner which threatens the safety of others. Therefore, any content which promotes the harming of oneself or others is to be reported and will be removed from our platform. Depending on the nature of the content, the user who uploads it may also be reported to the relevant authorities.

Minors Under 18

Minors Under the age of 18 who wish to offer their services as sellers on our platform are to obtain consent from their parent/guardian before entering into any agreement with a Buyer. Buyers are to ensure that they receive this consent from the Sellers before continuing with their arrangements.

If you have any questions, comments or concerns about our Community Guidelines, you may contact us below.

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