So how much exactly does a freelance designer earn? Well, it varies for all freelancers. How much a freelancer charges their clients depends on their field of expertise, experience, and some other factors. But let us give you an idea of the freelance design market rate in singapore!

In average, the monthly income for freelance designers in Singapore is $2280 per month as of 2019. This could go up to somewhere around the S$3,500 mark, depending on how experienced you are. The average salary excludes the additional 17% employer CPF that you have to contribute as an employer and with that factored in, your business is looking to pay around S$2,668 per designer per month!

As the Digital Age continues to evolve, demands for creative services will continue to increase. This means that the floodgate to freelancing has opened up more opportunities for freelance graphic designers and more and more people are jumping in on the bandwagon. As a freelance designer, you have to know how much your work is worth in order to maximise your income. There are untrained ‘designers’ wanting to earn a quick buck, design students and all the way to highly skilled graphic designers who acquired enough experience and want to work for themselves! This results in a huge range of pricing and skill sets.

As a freelance designer, you can choose to charge either by per hour basis or per project basis. It can range from $5 – $20 per hour. It depends on the project you are working on as well. If you are more experienced and companies look for you, you are able to set the fee in the higher range instead of the company setting a fee for you. Generally, illustrators and graphic designers earn more than web designers or logo designers.

Here are some market rates for a few different types of design that some of our Glance Community is charging to help you get started in this freelance business! *Fees are in SGD

Interior design (per drawing)

3D perspective drawing

~ $50-$100

2D drawing


Logo design


Graphic design

~ $30-$80/design

Animated design

~ $80-$250

Product design


Web design(ux/ui)


Motion Graphics


Your portfolio also plays an important role in how much you can charge. If your portfolio is filled with amazing work and testimonials, it will not be a problem for clients to hire you even with a higher fee. However if your portfolio isnt as well established, it will not be possible to set a higher rate. Hence, if you’re just starting out, you might want to focus on building your portfolio first before planning on looking for a client, because most clients would expect a portfolio from you so that they can compare between different freelancers.

Yes, you might be thinking “well how am i supposed to build a portfolio without having any work” but the reality is that, your portfolio can consist of your school work, works that you done in your free time and also voluntary works. It doesn’t have to be a real or paid project. What many freelancers are doing at their early stage was to pick up unpaid jobs that might add colours in their portfolios to establish a well rounded profile for them to showcase in their later stage and that is a very good way because you will need to establish a firm base because doing anything. You can also try to start off with a lower rate and gradually increase your rates while gaining experiences from your past projects.

Freelance designers definitely can earn a stable income after experience and hard work. It is fine to start off with lower rates and work from there. Good luck!

we hope that this article is helpful for you new comers in the freelance scene, and we hope to see more people start picking up freelancing as an option to pursue what they love doing while earning a income!

by Lim MH

Glance Team