So, you’re planning to kickstart your career by dabbling into freelance video and photography? Or maybe you’re a professional photographer who’s ready to branch out and engage with your clients at your own time and pace? Needless to say, the advantages to providing services on a freelance basis are endless; be it having more time to pursue your other interests, or spending more time with your family, it’s of no surprise that the number of freelance photographers has skyrocketed over the past few years.

The rates for such photography or videography services varies depending on the skills, experience and existing portfolio of the photographer. It may also vary depending on certain requests made by the clients themselves.

As freelance photographers, many face the same issue of putting a price on the services they provide. As such, we’re here to help! Examples of services provided by photographers include weddings, various events such as concerts, conferences and parades, professional portraits, product
photography and even food photography. The starting market rates of such services are as follow

Weddings - from $120/hour; Events - from $150/hour; Portraits - from $220/hour; Products - from $20/image; Food - from $150/dish
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What about Video production? Hmmm it varies from how experienced and skilled you are! it can range from $120 to $2,000+ per project!

Here are some rates that our Glance Community is charging for you to take into consideration if you’re still a freshman in the freelance industry!


Video shooting: $50-120/hour

Video Editing: $100-150/video (usually <5mins)

If you’re providing both services you can charge around $SGD120-$SGD200 per project


Video Shooting: $80-160/hour

Video Editing: $100-150/video (usually <5mins) (quite similar )

If you’re providing both services you can charge around $SGD 200 – $SGD 350 per project

However, do not limit yourself to providing the same rates as everyone else! Remember to put your experience, past works and portfolio into consideration as well, Once you have built up your portfolio and experience in the industry, you rates can go up to $SGD 500 – $SGD 2,000.00 per project based on the difficulties of the project.

After all, only you know best what your services are worth! Some tips to deciding on your own rates are:
1) Knowing your target annual salary
2) Determining your service expenses
3) Figuring out best profit margin achievable
4) Determining the hours of work you’d like to put in monthly or annually &
5) Base salary per hour
6) Consider the quotes provided by other freelance photographers on the same platform

With all these information, go on and go forth on your exciting journey of freelance photography and videography! You can always begin your journey with GLANCE! Sign up as a Glance freelancer Here