Freelancing makes up for around 8.8% of our local workforce with individuals offering their services in various fields to clients who are in need of their specific skillsets. However, it does not come as a surprise that this specific industry is still stigmatized in the society as many do not deem it a “stable and secure” career choice. What they don’t consider is that choosing to be in this field allows for a much more flexible schedule to spend more time with their loved ones or to further upgrade upon their existing skills whilst generating an income. Fortunately, as of recent years, it has been more widely accepted and encouraged as a career path since companies are now also looking to hire these freelancers more than ever as they serve as a more affordable service provider compared to contracting directly with other companies or agencies.

Freelancers price their services differently according to what services they are providing as well as how long said services are required for. Some other aspects that may affect their pricing includes their prior experiences and how confident they are in getting the job done. Pricing your services fairly will encourage your clients to contract you for future projects so know your worth but don’t go overboard! You are strongly encouraged to keep your portfolios updated with all your past working experiences and projects you have undertaken so that they can be sent out to potential clients and increase your chances of getting hired.

GLANCE is a local one-stop solution for Freelancers in Singapore as we provide a platform for you to display your portfolios and post the services you can provide, as well as browse for clients who are looking to engage in a service. You are able to communicate with each other directly on our website for all negotiations and the best part is that all payments can be carried our seamlessly and any disputes can be fairly settled directly on our platform. We are also building a community made up of local freelancers so that you can all connect and share your experiences or tips & tricks to support one another. If you’re thinking of pursuing a freelance career in Singapore or looking for a platform to engage in more gigs, try GLANCE!