As freelancers, one of the best memories we hold on to dearly is enlisting our first client, but how do we even go about finding one? The first thing one should do as freelancer is to prepare a portfolio full of your past works and to upload it onto Glance. This ensures that when clients post job requests on our platform, you can connect with them directly. They can then view all your work immediately and speed up the process of engaging in a transaction.

Once you have procured your first client, don’t be afraid to put yourself out there! Build a lasting connection with them and let them know that you are always open for more gigs. Always be sincere and steadfast with your clients and they would in turn recommend you to other potential clients as well.

Try your best to constantly build upon your existing skillset, or even pick up a new skill entirely. This would make it possible to engage with a wider range of clients. Also, always remember to keep your portfolio updated. Testimonials from past clients would increase the reputation of your services and could attract clients with similar interests.

Another way to look for more clients is via your existing connections such as family, friends or even acquaintances. Think about your insurance agent or Pyramid scheme selling friends who suddenly decide to ask you out for coffee after years of not connecting? The point being that anybody you know could be in need of your services. Put yourself out there! Let people know the skillsets you possess and since there’s already an existing connection, they would be more likely to engage with you than with other freelancers. And of course, don’t be afraid to throw in some family & friends discounts! (but not too much of course, always make sure you know your value)

Lastly, once you’ve built up an impressive portfolio, gather up the courage and just approach companies directly! Seen a flyer that you think needs some designing help? Call them and offer your services! (keep in mind to be respectful!) By approaching companies directly, they may appreciate your confidence and guts and thus employ you for your services. However, always have a written contract stating the terms and conditions for the employment of your services and payment etc. just in case things go wary along the way.

Always give your best and remain contactable for your clients during the period your services are employed! Your reputation as a freelancer is extremely important and could make or break your career as a freelancer! If you complete your assigned tasks with efficiency and of high standards, there is no reason that your clients wouldn’t be recommending your services to their peers as well! And that’s how you’d start having a steady increase in demand for your services.
Now that you know how to start attracting clients, go get that bag!!

-Glance Team