Do you have a personal portfolio website that you use to look for clients and job offers? However you feel that your website isn’t appealing enough or you aren’t getting the offers you expected? We’re here to give you some helpful tips on how you can make your website a whole lot more engaging for clients!

Tip #1: Always Be Yourself

When creating your portfolio website, make sure to design it according to how you feel it best portrays yourself. Make sure to not copy someone else’s site design just because you think it looks good. It’s important that your website shows off who you are, and creating an original website is the best way to do so. Its always better to be unique.

Tip #2: Show Some Personality

When clients are visiting your profile, they want to know who you are. Add some personality, and be as creative as you want when creating your website. Let the clients know that you have your own style and identity. This will help clients to notice your originality which is what the market is looking for.

Tip #3: Make Yourself Available

Make it clear on your site on how interested clients can contact you. Devote space on your homepage letting them know how to reach you. Making this step easy for your clients sure will help leave a good impression.

Tip #4: Create Fresh Content

It’s always important to keep your site updated with your fresh works or status. Keeping your site up-to-date also increases your site’s search ranking on Google. Clients will also be more assured to see works that are constantly updated.

Tip #5: Show Off Your Work

Your website is the best place to demonstrate your skills and talents. So don’t be afraid to show off your projects and works for everyone to see! People love to see content.

Tip #6: Mention Your Past Clients

Mention your previous clientele that you have worked with. This conveys to potential clients that you are reliable in producing quality work. If you have worked with any well-known companies or brands, it’ll add even more weight.

Tip #7: Show Your Recommendations

Also don’t be shy to include any testimonials from your past clients. These reviews and direct quotes from your clients should be published on your site. This adds a level of trust, reassurance and authenticity for potential clients.

Tip #8: Live Examples

Linking to existing projects that your clients are currently using further demonstrates your skill set and professionalism. Showing that other people are invested in your work helps reassure potential clients that your skills are worth investing in.

And these are some of the tips we have to help you create or improve your own web portfolio! Remember to be as unique as you can be!