If you’re a new freelancer in the industry, here are necessary soft skills you’ll need to boost your portfolio to your clients:


First of all, you need to be confident. Have faith in your skills and abilities and let your client know you have the capability to stand strong by yourself as a freelancer. No one can trust you if you can’t trust in yourself, so build up that confidence within you!


As a freelancer, it is crucial to be fluent in your pitches and proposals. Having good communication will bring ease when liaising with several clients and as a bonus, they will have a good impression of you. Always remember that communication is the key to success.


Even though there’s flexibility in doing your work, your responsibility as a freelancer is to manage your time well. You’ll need to keep track of your deadlines and project submissions to your client. It’s always best to show that you’re always ready & dedicated in projects you sign up for with the aid of good time management.


Many times you’ll face difficulties being a freelancer such as late replies & being unable to find available projects to work on. These situations may be frustrating but this is where you need to grow your patience. With patience, you’ll be able to keep going & never give up!


The last skill you need as a freelancer is negotiating. You’ll need to convince your clients that you are the best fit for their needs. Showing them how your skills will benefit them and why they should choose you. Negotiating will help you to find more networks and build your portfolio even more! 

Ensure you have CONFIDENCE, COMMUNICATION, TIME MANAGEMENT, PATIENCE & NEGOTIATING skills before working on big events. Work on these five soft skills and start to grow yourself as a freelancer!