1) Carousell

Carousell launches new brand identity | Marketing | Campaign Asia

Carousell is largely known as a platform for selling both used and new clothing, home appliances and even tickets to concerts and event etc. but did you know that it could also be used to promote your services as well? Create a post displaying the services you provide and how much they cost and you may very well find a gig there!

2) LinkedIn

linkedin-logo - Westfair Communications

LinkedIn Is basically a social networking site used by mainly professionals to connect with one another. You can post infographics, stats, articles and such or even share posts made by others. You can upload your portfolio, display your skills and there are people who posts on LinkedIn who are looking for professionals to provide certain services. If you’re able to find one that suits you and you think you can do it, don’t be shy and connect with them to offer your services and rates!

3) Bumble Bizz

Bumble Bizz

You may know Bumble as a dating site but did you know that there is actually a section for business as well? It works generally like a dating app where you swipe right or left depending on whether you’d like to match with the user. You can include your skills and specialties in your bio and include a photo of yourself as your display photo. Once you’ve made a match, say hi! Establish a connection and carry out a conversation where you can learn from each other or even be made job offers if they require your skills.

4) Glance.Sg

Since you’re here, you probably already know about what we do! We’re a platform exclusively for freelancers to seek out gigs, upload portfolios and browse through potential jobs posted by our clients. You can connect to these clients directly on our site, negotiate the price and services provided and if both you and the client can reach an agreement, the client can make payment directly through our site and once your service is completed, the funds will be transferred to you via Glance.

5) Cold Emailing

Back to basics, when the freelance industry first started off, there weren’t any platforms that catered solely to freelancers. One of the most effective methods freelancers got jobs was by sending their portfolio and a detailed list of their services and prices to companies via email and if they notice any services they may require they’ll reach out to you. Remember to send them your updated portfolio and include all your contact details to make it as easy as possible for them to get back to you. It may takes time but do not lose hope! Just keep sending the emails to companies that you think you could help and remember, you miss all the shots you don’t take!