【Job responsibilities:】 1. Complete server-side API development based on go/Redis/MySQL, etc. 2. Responsible for project design, coding, tuning, testing, and bug handling; 3. Responsible for product service-side development, continuous product evolution, and improvement of product quality and user experience; 4. Provide appropriate solutions according to product requirements. Bonus: 1. Familiar with two or more languages of Java/php/Python/Godejs, etc. 2. Familiar with trading projects and blockchain-related projects 3. Active learning, willing to communicate and share, work with team spirit 【Work requirements:】 1. Bachelor degree or above, computer-related major, more than two years of service-side research and development experience; 2. In-depth understanding of computer principles, a solid data structure and algorithm foundation; 3. In-depth understanding of the Linux system and its principles, familiar with the use of commonly used data structures, familiar with gRPC, TCP/IP, HTTP protocols, and network programming; 4. Good coding and documentation habits, and pursuit of code perfection; 5. Familiar with languages such as golang/Java/C/PHP, at least two of them, Candidates with more than one year of golang research and development experience are preferred; 6. Familiar with the go language framework code, and at least understand one go open source project; 7. Familiar with common SQL and NoSQL database principles, read and understand excellent open-source system codes; 8. Candidates that got experience in distributed system design and development are preferred; 9. Candidates with experience in research and development tools are preferred.

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