I am looking for 3 collar pin designs for various student leadership positions in my school. The following design specifications are required The collar pin will be circular in design The diameter of the collar pin is expected to be 3cm to 3.5cm. The primary colours of the design should be green(#335D2D) and brown (#523906) or similar variants of the colour Cubism design of the logos are preferred The design should incorporate the name of the student leadership position around the logo design. The names of the student leadership positions are as follows: Class Executive Committee Student Councillor Student Peer Supporter The following are description of student leadership positions for reference Class Executive Committee – Students leading the class are responsible for building a positive class environment and a role model for the rest of the class Student Councillor – Pinnacle of the student body, a role model for the student body. Symbolised by a torch Student Peer Supporter – Care and support for the well-being of follow students The copyright of the design will belong to us after the design is completed. The designer should provide for multiple changes pending input from us. The design should be submitted in high quality format and a vector file in PDF format is required.

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