Hello! My name is Marcus Lim, but you can call me Marc for short. I’m currently a Singaporean graduate from the University of Portsmouth from MDIS (Management Development Institute of Singapore) where I major in Media & Digital Practice. I am someone who loves photography where I am well equipped with using a Canon DSLR Camera as well as the relevant software for photo editing. Such as Photoshop and Lightroom. I also have experience with video editing where I edit my videos mainly on Final Cut Pro. I was a studio apprentice in a photography studio called Headquartors where I was mentored by a mentor who taught me more in-depth about photography and editing which afterwards I started experimenting more towards creative photography and found my edge in editing which I apply Juxtaposition in my photography because I love to create photos that look surreal as it gives a unique perspective and I like to twist and bend reality in my photos that only my imagination can create where these surreal photos will definitely strike people’s interest. I have worked with different brands and shops back in my studio days such as Chanel, The Alley, Torasho, Nikon and Audio Technica where my role as a photography assistant/production crew under my mentor. I believe I can contribute to the creative photography team with my quick thinking and endless imagination because I live by this quote for my photography works, which is “bringing my imaginations to life”. This is a quote I gave myself for my works because it is rarely seen in Singapore that photographers use Juxtaposition in photography as it is more seen in illustrations instead. Therefore, I feel that I am one of the few different photographers in Singapore that do this concept because I love conceptual photography and I am good at producing different type of concepts for shoots. My social media account is @marc__lim (double underscore). I have also included the link to my website where you can view the rest of my work that is not shown on my Instagram page, https://marccclim.wixsite.com/phantasos.

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