1. WordPress
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WordPress is an open-source software which makes it absolutely free! It is an amazing content management system and would support any kind of website you desire and any customizations you deem fit. However, all security, backups and update installations have to be carried out personally. It also does not have a drag-and-drop feature and some knowledge of html and css may be required to make things easier for the user.

2. Wix.com

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Wix.com provides great ease of use to its users, making it simple to add in images and applications. It also has a great help feature where more information can be found in their searchable knowledge base. Unlike WordPress, it also provides automatic backups of your site to ensure nothing is lost in case of any issues and it also provides a easy-to-use drag and drop feature that is suitable for beginners. However, your site has to be offline if any changes are made to its template and scalability comes at a cost.

3. Shopify

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Shopify is an amazing content management system which allows the user to have full control over the website’s design, content etc. It’s also simple and efficient when it comes to creation and allows users to carry our transactions with their prospective buyers. It also has a blogging platform to share your ideas and thoughts to the rest of the Shopify community. Furthermore, a 24-hours support team is available to you for when you run into any troubles! For its disadvantages, it’s not SEO friendly due to its URL structure and transaction fees will be charged if non-shopify payment method is used. Customization of your blog may be tedious as well.

4. Weebly

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Weebly offers great load speed and security for its sites and is free as long as it is hosted on a subdomain. It is especially great for beginners as no coding is required at all when you are building your site – the drag & drop feature it provides allows for one to test out different features and how they would look like on their site before they are implemented – they even provide you with more information of what each feature does if you ever require some help! For its cons, it has a limited amount of tools provided when it comes to the blog section. Its built-in photo editor is very limited as well so you have to be comfortable with using third-party software offline first before adding in your images! The amount of help & support you receive also depends on the plan you subscribe to on Weebly!