(Especially during these tough times)

Freelancing is not one of the more popular career choices as many still deem it as an ‘unreliable source of income’. Maybe others just don’t really enjoy the idea of working at home in isolation. However, due to the current pandemic, Covid-19, many are forced to work from home during the quarantine period. Many have also lost their jobs. This actually makes it the best time to start looking into doing freelancing.

So what are the perks of freelancing? Let me fill you in.

1) Freedom of Clients/Employers

Freelancers have the ability of choosing who they want to work for/with. They are not obligated or tied down to only working for a company. Freelancers can take up to several projects with different clients or just a few, depending on what they prefer.

2) Flexibility

Freelancers have the flexibility of choosing how much they want to work throughout the year. Unlike full-time employees who are obligated to work Mondays-Fridays all year round, freelancers can choose to work either full-time or just part-time and go on holiday whenever they want to.

3) Control of Workload

Another benefit of freelancing is the ability to control how much workload you want to take. Not a fan of constant assignments coming your way? Freelancing allows you to take the sufficient break you need before taking on another project.

4) Exposure

As freelancers have the ability to choose their clients, they have the chance to work with different companies and work on different projects. This gives them the chance to be exposed with how different companies work and the different projects they have out there in the industry. This helps them gain experience.

Who are we?

Glance.sg is a freelance solution platform that connects skillful individuals together in a hassle free environment in hope to ease the process of engaging in a service.  We strive to provide a limitless opportunity for everyone to pursue their passion and we believe that a flexible working schedule creates a creativity and innovative mind that helps to make the world a better place! We have a local freelance community channel on telegram called “SG Freelance Jobs | Glance.sg” that offers gigs requested by potential clients and a discussion group that allows freelancers to communicate with each other to gain more knowledge and experience . And the best part is, there are no fees involved! We hope that we the help of our channel we can all grow together as a community and allow freelancing to be popularize in the Singapore. Do check out our channel here and join the community!


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